Team EVOS League of Legends (formerly Fortius) is an eSports organization based in Vietnam.


Lê Thiên”RonOP” Hàn

LêThiên Hàn a.k.a  RonOP is a talented young support from Southeast Asia. He started in Saigon Joker when he was 18. He is vietnam's top 3  most watched streamer.


  • 1st MDCS spring 2016
  • 1st MDCS summer 2016
  • 1st GPL summer playoffs 2016
  • International Wildcard Qualifiers 2016
  • IEM XI Gyeonggi Qualifiers 2016
  • All Star Barcelona 2016

Nguyn Lê Hai “Yi Jin” Đăng

Nguyễn Lê Hải “Yi Jin” Đăng is a star-jungler in VietNam. He was jungler of Saigon Joker when he was 16, and got achievements in Saigon Joker and BinhThanhGaming


  • 1st King of Sea 2016
  • IEM Xi Gyeonggi Qualifiers 2016
  • 1st League of Champions Bangkok 2017

Phan Công “Stark” Minh

Phan Công “Stark” Minh is newest member of Gigabyte Adnois Marines in 2017 but he show his talent- top laner in the future.


  • 1st MDCS Spring 2017
  • 1st GPL Spring 2017
  • 6th Mid-Season Invitational 2017

Trương Vĩnh “Beyond”Thanh

Trương Vĩnh “Beyound”Thanh was one of the best mid laners of VietNam in 2014. He had achievements in 269 Gaming and Fortius.


  • 3rd VCSA Summer 2014
  • 4th VCSA Spring 2015
  • MVP GPL Spring 2015
  • 3rd LGS Summer 2016
  • 1st LIC 2016
  • 1st LGS Spring 2017