Formerly known as "ZL" or Zero Latitude, the core players were already fans favourites with ongoing local achievements and powerful team plays. EVOS DOTA 2 was then officially revealed in August 2016 with that foundation in mind.



ADIT "AVILLE" ROSENDA The captain of our team and also the most senior member amongst the players. Aville has made a name for himself for a strategic drafter and also as a leader both off and on the game. An experienced jungler with excellent team-fights coordinations, and a career potential well beyond a player in the industry. 



RAMZI "RAMZ?!" BAYHAKI A rising star at only 20 years old, RAMZ has both the attitude and personality to be the best of the game. The newest member of the team has only joined EVOS in February 2017, but his impact has been significant, with the team winning the first NVIDIA GEXT finals in Jakarta and an excellent run to KIEV MAJOR. A mid-laner that adapts very well to his game, RAMZ is already touted to be Indonesia's best Shadow Fiend and Invoker player.



CHANG "2HOI" TU HAI One of the best and experienced support in SEA Dota 2, and also a motivational and vocal member of the team. With his calm and collected attitude, 2HOI assures that the game is always played with discipline and patience. A vision-giver with his selfless plays, 2HOI formulates strategies on the go to ensure that the team would adapt to the game.



INDRA "VLAICU" UTAMA A relatively new face to the game, Vlaicu has already transformed to one of the best roamer with his courageous plays. Mastering a big pool of heroes, Vlaicu adds that extra edge that could decide the winner even before the game starts.